Edward Album – a thank you

On the occasion of Edward Album’s departure from its member group, LegalUK would like to thank Edward for his contribution over the years. Edward joined LegalUK at inception in 2017 where he represented the viewpoints of the commodity and arbitration communities. His tireless support of LegalUK objectives and enthusiastic and articulate contributions to discussions at […]

Why businesses should choose English law

Law, its extent and method are critical to doing business; and English law provides a highly desirable system. It is predictable yet innovative; and also apolitical. The legal environment it creates supports commercial transactions and all aspects of the commercial marketplace. The main reasons for selecting English law, and its advantages, are discussed below. This […]

Burford Asks: A conversation with Helen Dodds Part I

 An edited transcript of their conversation appears below. Michael Redman: Helen, as we celebrate International Disputes Week here in London, what are some of the key themes that you expect to emerge from the sessions? Helen Dodds: Following last year’s theme, which was “global, sustainable, ethical”, this year’s theme is “adapting to a changing world”. […]

A round up of London International Disputes Week (LIDW)

Following an engaging week of topics, debate and discussion, we reflect on LIDW 2022. Leading figures in the judiciary, UK Government, and more covered current global issues in dispute resolution, including: sustainability; corporate social, ethical and environmental responsibility; the wellbeing challenges of ‘winning at all costs’; climate change disputes; witness recollection; trade challenges in a […]