LegalUK commissions new research revealing the enormous economic value of English law

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LegalUK's purpose is to promote English law as an international platform, as the governing law of choice for international business and as a national asset.

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  • The Oxera report hits the nail on the head. It is time the true and full value of English law was recognised. It is the foundation and future of so much international trade in multiple sectors: maritime, derivatives, insurance are just three of the most important among many.
    Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls
  • A question I've long asked about the tense relationship between law and economics is: who does the dancing and who calls the tune? This timely contribution reminds us that they're both contributing to the same beat.
    Will Page, author of Tarzan Economics and former Chief Economist of Spotify and PRS for Music
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English law is a platform that supports a significant amount of economic activity in the UK and globally.

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