A round up of London International Disputes Week (LIDW)

May 19, 2022

Following an engaging week of topics, debate and discussion, we reflect on LIDW 2022. Leading figures in the judiciary, UK Government, and more covered current global issues in dispute resolution, including: sustainability; corporate social, ethical and environmental responsibility; the wellbeing challenges of ‘winning at all costs’; climate change disputes; witness recollection; trade challenges in a digital world; and London’s role in a decentralised world.

Lord Reed, President of the Supreme Court spoke to the high levels of international confidence in our legal system allow the UK to punch above its weight in international commerce and international dispute resolution. He noted that international confidence in the rule of law in this country is a major factor in its attractiveness as a destination for investment, but it cannot be taken for granted. Particularly at a time when the country must establish its place in the world outside the EU and achieve economic recovery after the pandemic.

The President of the Law Society, Stephanie Boyce spoke to the strength of English law arguing it will continue to flourish as a global legal centre of choice for dispute resolution despite fierce competition. She praised its neutrality and unbiased nature along with London’s commitment to diversity and inclusion – all of which boost its appeal as the forum of choice for the resolution of legal disputes.

Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls explored the benefits of digital justice, he explained how embracing the digital environment is essential for dispute resolution to maintain confidence and remain sustainable. Sir Geoffrey’s full speech is available here.

Audley Sheppard QC addressed LIDW on its three themes – global, sustainable and ethical dispute resolution, calling for the experienced and well-funded international arbitration community to be more accessible and support the wider arbitration community across the globe.

In between the keynotes, important and lively sessions looked at everything from the future of dispute resolution, including cyber and crypto issues and the rise of class actions, to issues like ESG and wellbeing featuring solidly as a top priority for the legal sector. It was wonderful to be back in person with people from the disputes community and engaging in a thoughtful week of debate and discussion.